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It’s Groundhog Day…AGAIN!

June 2023

March Madness is Banking not Basketball

March 2023

CFPB Attacks Late Fees

March 2023

Why Does Senator Durbin Hate Cards?

October 2022

GS’s Apple Card

October 2022


October 2022

Digital Currencies Note

July 2021

Retail Trading

February 2021

Digital Payments

February 2021

Digital Currencies

February 2021

Being Nimble

February 2021

Online brokers do not exist anymore...

February 2020

August 2019

Libra Note

June 2019

Active vs Passive

February 2019

USA vs China

December 2018

US Macro Environment

November 2018

Pre-Midterm Note

August 2018

Are You Swimming Naked?

June 2018


December 2017

Next Fed Chairman

October 2017

Checkout Amazon

June 2017

No Cash Accepted

June 2017

Passive vs Active

April 2017

Election Note

December 2016

Online Lending

September 2016

Payment Ecosytem

September 2016

What is Fintech?

June 2016

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